Taunton Nursery Information


The Nursery

Brand new in 2022, Little Adventures nursery Taunton is the newest addition to the Little Adventures family.

Based on the same site as Space Adventurers, the Taunton site offers a high quality education offering alongside the best facilities in the area!

To find out more information or to pre-book a nursery visit, email taunton@littleadventuresnursery.com

Tiny Travellers

In our Tiny Travellers room, we care for children aged six weeks to two years old. We have a spacious, warm, nurturing environment that allows children to feel secure and comforted, providing a home from home experience. We have an adjoining quiet sleeping area with cots and floor beds, which ensure your child can sleep peacefully throughout the day and not be disturbed by the awake children. Children eat their meals together and begin to learn how to use cutlery and build table manners from a young age.


There are no rigid routines within the 0-2's room as we believe it is essential to base the day around your child's needs and interests. At this stage, the emphasis is very much on play, but learning experiences are introduced subtlety to allow your child to flourish during the vital years of discovery. We enhance their development through singing, sensory play, stories and sand and water play. These encourage little ones to develop their fine motor skills and promote confidence and social skills.


Little Explorers

Our Little Explorers room is designed for 2-3 years old children who are constantly intrigued by the world around them. We will encourage and support your child to build their independence through their learning and play. Each day, our activities engage, bring new challenges, and provide familiarity. Often children at this age like to role play and pretend objects are things from their own experiences and represent these through their play. We have many choices for imaginative play, sensory play, creative resources and a quiet teepee area if your child needs a little time to regulate their emotions in a safe space.

We love to support your child in building their independence; some ways we do this include helping to set the table for mealtimes. We also promote 'self-serve' where they will serve their food onto their plates, pour their water and tidy up after themselves.

The development of the children is tracked by our experienced staff, who will be your child's Key Person. This person carries out regular observations following the EYFS to identify any areas where support may be needed and work closely with the parents to ensure every child's individual needs are being met. We use an online journal called Famly to track children's development. The children's observations, assessments, pictures and videos from their day will be uploaded to Famly by staff for you to see, and this will continue throughout their journey at Little Adventures Nursery.

Big Adventures

Our Big Adventures room is designed for children aged 3-5 years old, who are becoming critical thinkers at this age. We tailor our day around our children's interests and development needs, not forgetting those spontaneous moments. Activities will encourage their communication and literacy skills, such as reading stories and poems, linking sounds and letters, creating songs and rhymes, recognition of their names and letters and words. There are also opportunities to build their numeric and problem-solving skills through mark-making, counting, sorting, and mathematical language. Your child will be learning, developing and adapting these skills through play. At this stage, we are preparing them for the next big adventure… School!



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