Meet the Worle Team

Vicky Peacock (Manager)

Vicky is Level 3 qualified with over 10 years experience working in a variety of settings which include Schools, Pre Schools, Creche and Managing a holiday club. She has also worked in a role that focuses on developing pre-school children’s social and fine motor skills through lots of fun activities. She has always wanted to work with children, mainly teaching and she loves to know that she has made a difference in children’s development and learning and seeing how much children can change and grow with our support and help.

Kelly Baldwin (Assistant Director)

Kelly is Executive Tots’ Assistant Director. She has worked in Business, Finance and Administration roles in several different countries including Germany and Australia, worked for 6 months in Russia as a Nursery Assistant and gained her Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Working in early years settings for the past 7 years, she will be your go-to person for all session and fee related queries and is always happy to help!

Georgia Kerton (Room Manager)

Georgia joined our team from day one. She has 9 years experience in childcare and has a Level 3 Qualification. She is Room Manager of 0-2’s and will oversee the day to day running of her room, supporting her staff with their key children and observations whilst ensuring the highest standard of care is upheld.

Paige Cavill (Room Manager)

Paige has been a Level 3 qualified practitioner since 2010 and, as well as having nursery and preschool experience, she has also spent time as an Au Pair in Australia before returning to England to start her own family. Alongside raising her own two children, she has a huge passion for literature, reading, languages and can speak basic mandarin.

Nadine Da Silva Andrade (L2 Practitioner)

Nadine would like to work within a nursery establishment because she is given the opportunity to support and help children’s development. She has completed her Level 2 Early Years and is now an Apprentice on the Level 3 course. She loves to watch as the children grow and reach their fullest potential and finds it rewarding and makes the job worth it. She likes to work with children because there is never a dull moment and every day is different and fun. Nadine would eventually like to become a Norland Nanny. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, photography and going on walks.

Willow Alexander (Apprentice)

Willow would like to work within a nursery establishment as she believes the care and skills given and taught to the children are crucial in aiding their development. She loves that she has an opportunity to help children fulfill their full potential whilst attending nursery and encourage them to display all their creativity.