Daily Routine

Our children have periods of free play throughout the day. The routine below shows the scheduled events that happen both am and pm. Nappies are checked and changed at regular intervals throughout the day. 


8.00- Children and parents welcomed in. 

8.00-8.30-Free play 

8.30- Breakfast time 

9.00-Planned activities/ Free play 

9.30-Tidy up  

9.40-Circle time/nappies 

10.00-Cafe style snack/Outside play/free flow 

11.00-Key group times 

11.20- Story time/Singing 

11.40- Show and tell/News time  

11.50- Wash hands and get ready for lunch  








12.45-Table top activities/Nappies  

1.00-Welcome pm children in/Goodbye to children going home.  

1.00-Free play/ Table top activities  

2.00-Tidy up  

2.15-Circle time 

2.30-Outside play 

3.15-Key group time/Nappies 

3.35-Story time/Singing  

3.50-Wash hands and get ready for tea 


4.45-Free play/Outdoor Play

5.45-Tidy up 

6.00-Home time